All you need to know about the famous Koji Pads

All you need to know about the famous Koji Pads

The famous Koji Pads are customizable brightening pads and are a professional Private Label product.

What are private label products?

Private Label products are sold to doctors’ offices and MediSpas under the name chosen by the business. This is what makes purchasing Koji Pads difficult because they aren’t sold under the name of the company who makes them. The easiest way to know if you have the original Koji Pads is to look at the ingredients on the back of the jar and look at the packaging size/shape. This will be the same for all private label Koji Pads regardless of the Brand put on the jar. Below is the label with the ingredients. Every jar will have these ingredients in this order.

Koji Pad ingredients

What goes into Koji Pads?

Koji Pads contain 3 brightening agents: Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Lactic Acid, and Salicylic Acid. These brightening agents are delivered in very low concentrations so they are easily tolerated by most people. They leave a sheen on your face that imparts a nice healthy glow. With continued use of this product a brightening of the skin occurs, leaving the skin smoother and more even toned. Mild improvement in pigmentation can occur as well. Rarely, Koji Pads can improve Melasma. In general, they are great maintenance pads to maintain exfoliated smooth healthy skin.

Our Buff Rx Koji Pads are made onsite to preserve the potency of the actives; it is recommended you use the pads within 60 days to get the best results. The shelf-life of this product is 60 days which means they have lost half of their effectiveness within 60 days. Additional actives can be added to the Koji Solution before its poured over the pads to customize your product just for your skin. These actives can include antibiotics, hydroquinone, vitamins, calming botanicals, enzymes, and more. Peptides are not added as peptides are degraded by the acids in the product itself. Keep your Koji pads in a cool dark environment to maintain the stability of your product.

What makes Koji Pads so great?

Two of the 3 major ingredients in the Koji Pads, Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid, are wonderful humectants. Humectants attract water from the environment and trap existing water that is already in the skin. So, in order to really get the benefit from the Koji Pads, it is very important to apply them to damp skin in order to trap water in the skin and increase the luminosity provided by this product.

Top tips for using Koji Pads

To achieve luminosity in the skin the most important factor is Keratinocyte Hydration (KH). These epidermal keratinocytes, when hydrated, reduces the microscales on the skin, epidermal irregularity, and increases the intercellular brightness, leading to a smooth dewy complexion. But, this water must be trapped in the skin by a humectant and/or an emollient. Basically, moisturizers don’t moisturize the skin; they trap water/moisture that is already there (an emollient), or it takes moisture from within the skin or environment ( a humectant). Both humectants and emollients are needed to create long lasting hydration in the skin. It is especially important to apply the Koji Pads to damp skin followed by an emollient because they don’t have any emollients in the formula. So don’t forget the Keratinocyte Hydration (KH) effect on skin and MAKE SURE YOUR SKIN IS DAMP before you apply products!

Where can I buy them?

You can stop by the office to purchase your Koji Pads and have it mixed while you wait, or you can call us ahead of time to make your product and add any additional actives if needed. Also you can email us at to request them or click on the product link below to buy now.

Koji Pads