What Our Customers Say

Terri Clark BuffRX Testimonial

My mom always encouraged me to use skin care products from the time I turned 30. I’ve tried many different face creams and moisturizers over the years and have finally found a skin care regimen tailored to my individual needs. Dr. Retief and her staff has made all the difference.— Terri Clark

Shelley Fairchild BuffRX Testimonial

I LOOOOVE the new line of BuffRx products! I have crazy sensitive skin and the Coffee Bean Cream has become my new BFF! I am MORE than thrilled that Dr. Retief has created this fabulous new line of products! — Shelley Fairchild

Nan Kelley BuffRX Testimonial

Just wanted to say thanks, Dr. Retief – I am loving how my skin is looking. BuffRX is a great skin care system!— Nan Kelley

Ty Herndon BuffRX Testimonial

Thank you Dr. Carla Retief and all the staff at the Retief Skin Center for an amazing experience. I love this product line!— Ty Herndon

Before BuffRX, my skin was breaking out, both my forehead and chin had fine lines, and was oily (by the end of the day) no matter what I did. It also looked dull and lifeless. I started using the Calming Pads, Renewal Cream and TCA Shine. My acne cleared up almost completely within a couple of weeks, and three months later, I rarely breakout at all. In addition, I have had more compliments on my skin the last couple of months than in the last 5 years! I’m thrilled with every product I have tried. The best part if that I have very sensitive skin and usually can’t use many products.

Stephanie in TN

BuffRx is the BEST! I can’t tell you how many products I have bought in the past that did nothing. These do everything they claim to do and more, So very, very pleased. I get a lot of compliments on my skin now. Thanks!

Jamie in TX

My face looks great, glows more and looks healthier. My makeup even goes on better. The HydraGlo Serum is my favorite!

Whitney in TN

If a man notices the difference, it must be good! My husband says that my face feels smoother, and it is. I have tried other products in the past and have never seen these results.

Anita in FL

BuffRx is the best skincare line with the most active ingredients I have ever used. I have people constantly stopping me to ask what I use on my skin because it looks so smooth and soft. The texture of my skin has improved and I feel like I can go out with hardly any make-up if any at all, and even though I am getting older, my skin is in the best shape it has ever been in.

Michelle in AZ