The Journey of Buff RX's Liquid Envy

The Journey of Buff RX's Liquid Envy

The brains behind Buff RX Dr Carla Retief gives us the lowdown on Liquid Envy.

Where did the journey to Liquid Envy start?

Ten years ago I had a BuffRx Serum called HydroGlo, it was so amazing we couldn’t keep it on the shelves even in the days before Social Media. Then one day the supplier of the active ingredient that made the product so fabulous closed their doors for good without giving anyone the formula to make their active ingredient. Even though our HydroGlo Serum had many other active ingredients, without this unique active, that was discontinued, our product just wasn’t the same.

What made the product special was not the ingredient itself, as the active was a common ingredient, but the specific viscosity and texture of the liquid that this company made. This high quality liquid was what made our old HydroGlo Serum special. Without it, it was an entirely different product and didn’t produce the all day sunkissed glow the other product left on your skin.

So began our journey to create a new product that could produce the same longlasting luminosity but also provide hydration all day long.

How Long has this product been in the making?

This journey took many years of trial and error. During this process, we also tried to create a formula that kept the vitamin C inactive until it was applied to the skin. We finally developed an emulsion we now call BuffRx Liquid Envy.

How did you decide on the name, Liquid Envy?

We chose this name because of the envious dewy look it imparts all day long .

What goes into a bottle of Liquid Envy?

Packed in his hydrating emulsion you will find Vitamin C, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Calendula, aloe vera, Creatine, and many potent emollients and humectants to provide and lock in moisture in the skin. Although Vitamin C, Lactic Acid, and Salicylic acid can do wonders for the skin, combining them in the same product can cause irritation to the skin because all of the actives are acidic. But our unique formulation prevents irritation by providing potent hydrators and calming agents.

What do these ingredients do?

Lactic Acid helps renew the skin surface while Salicylic acid penetrates deeply into the pores to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum, leading to a smoothing, brightening, and pore minimizing effect.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxi-dant that stomps out free radicals that damage the skin; it also has a brightening and calming effect.

To further enhance the effectiveness of BuffRx Liquid Envy, the Vitamin C is suspended in the emulsion until it is activated by application.

The remaining potent hydrators and calming agents keep the skin moist all day long.

Do you have any tips for applying the product?

Since we try to limit unnecessary and possibly harmful ingredients to our BuffRx products, BuffRx Liquid Envy must be shaken vigorously before application to mix the ingredients evenly. Within a week of using the product you will notice the brightening and pore minimizing effect.

No water is added to our product to slow oxidation of the ingredients. When applying the emulsion, it must be applied to moderately damp skin to add the necessary water to spread the product evenly. Not adding water until application as well as activation of vitamin C by application helps preserve the integrity of the actives until it hits the skin.

Where do you see this product in the future?

We are very proud of BuffRx Liquid Envy. It is BuffRx’s best product ever. We feel it will stand the test of time because of the extreme effectiveness of this product for providing immediate luminosity and hydration as well as a long term anti-aging effect.

Liquid Envy
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