Liquid Envy Instructions


Liquid Envy is an Emulsion. This means it is a combination of oily and non-oily substances.

  • First squeeze out the contents of the dropper while the bottle is closed. Then shake vigorously.

  • Apply Liquid Envy to damp skin.

  • Because Liquid Envy has no water in it and the Vitamin C is not activated until it reaches the skin, sometimes you may feel some grittiness when you apply the product. This is normal. It is best to apply Liquid Envy in the morning before sunscreen.

  • It is best not to apply thick makeup, powder or any other mattifying product over Liquid Envy although if if you feel you are too shiny in the T-zone you can gently dab powder to your nasal bridge, upper lip, and chin.

  • You should notice a change in your skin within a week of treatment.