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Day & Night Face Restore

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By Day
Just as a good night’s sleep repairs our bodies and rejuvenates our minds, our skin also deserves a fresh start to each day. Exfoliate your skin by turning over old skin cells and stimulating new ones with our Polishing Lotion No. 1 or Polishing Lotion No. 2. These products contain glycolic acid—an alpha hydroxy acid—that helps smooth out wrinkles, fade hyper-pigmentation, and reduce sun damage that will leave your skin looking fresh and polished for the day ahead. Polishing Lotion No. 1 is ideal for those with sensitive skin, and Polishing Lotion No. 2 contains glycolic acid at higher concentrations for those with oily, non-sensitive skin. Both products work great for treating acne.

By Night
After a long day of exposure to environmental factors like the sun, pollution, and sweat, rejuvenate those skin cells one more time before bed with our Gentle Renewal Cream (with added soothing ingredients for sensitive skin), Renewal Cream (which contains powerful anti-oxidants that stabilize and protect collagen and elastic tissue), or Anti Aging Cream (containing the added benefit of hydroquinone). Each cream contains Retin-A which helps exfoliate the skin, turn over skin cells, minimize pore size and fine lines, reduce pigmentation, and treat acne.

These products, when used together every day, result in the constant production of new skin cells that reverse the signs of aging and produce healthier, glowing skin.