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TCA Shine

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Keep your summer glow all year long!

TCA Shine is a gentle, topical peel that reveals fresh layers of skin to improve texture and enhance color. Add immediate warmth and glow to your skin with summertime in a bottle. Results last for several days, followed by a very fine peel two to three days later.

TCA stands for trichloracetic acid which, at low strengths, can calm irritation, dry up break-outs, and mildly exfoliate the skin for those who want to add a little punch to their skincare routine but also wrestle with sensitive skin.

By nature, TCA is a very unstable acid that, once diluted, begins to break down very quickly, only allowing two to three months of effective treatment. Unique to any other TCA products on the market, we don't add the activating TCA ingredient until time of purchase--ensuring maximum potency by the time it reaches your doorstep.

Our unique TCA Shine is the only known TCA product that is made on-site before every purchase.

30 mL.

Active Ingredient: Trichloracetic Acid 12%

Directions: Apply every 8-14 days to clean skin. Do not rinse off. Expect mild tingling, itching, and redness for 3-5 minutes. Redness can persist for up to 8 hours.

By purchasing this item, you understand that it is a chemical peel which can cause swelling, redness, and peeling. it should not be used more than once per week. Sunscreen should be applied daily after use.