At-home chemical peels can be equally as effective as those done at an aesthetic clinic but for a fraction of the cost.

Ever wonder how celebrities get that oh-so-radiant, smooth, and supple skin that many of us envy? While many factors go in to creating that beauty, chemical peels play a large part in it! As Dr. Retief likes to say, “You can’t bake a cake with just flour!”

There are several types of chemical peels ranging from superficial to medium to deep, and almost all of them cause skin flaking. Deep chemical peels can create a long periods of down time needed for recovery. Most of us are busy and don’t have a week or more to hang out binging on Netflix, so that is why Dr. Retief created two at-home chemical peels as part of her BuffRX skincare line that can be done on your own time with little side effects! If these are done repeatedly, usually on a schedule, then they can be just as effective as a more expensive, harsher, in-office peel.

These two peels are TCA Shine and Skin Rehab. Let’s explain how these two products get your skin looking its absolute best…

TCA Shine

TCA, or trichloroacetic acid, has been around since 1882 and comes in various strengths to treat photo aging (sun damage), blotchy uneven skin tone, melasma, fine lines, and superficial acne scars. In the office, the acid’s strength can reach up to 35% but those doses cause significant downtime.

But BuffRX’s at-home chemical peel, TCA Shine, sold at both our Nashville office and online, comes in an equally effective, but less concentrated dilution that may be used every other week. This is equivalent to getting a superficial in-office peel from the convenience of your own home! Use this peel to add a warm glow to your skin, calm irritation, dry up acne break-outs, and mildly exfoliate to reveal younger-looking skin. You will notice immediate warmth and glow to your skin that will feel like summertime in a bottle! The results of the peel lasts for several days, followed by a very fine peel two to three days later.

By nature, TCA is a very unstable acid that, once diluted, begins to quickly break down, only allowing two to three months of effective treatment. Unique to any other TCA products on the market, we don’t add the activating TCA ingredient until the time of purchase, ensuring maximum potency by the time it reaches your doorstep. Our unique TCA Shine is the only known TCA product that is created on-site before every purchase and can be used at home, when normally these peels would be considered an in-office peel and cost around $100 a pop!

No matter where you have a TCA chemical peel performed—either in a doctors office by a physician or at a medspa by an aesthetician—the strength of the acid in these these peels is never as fresh as TCA Shine. The hydrolysis that has been occurring since the bottle was created, distributed, and sold to the doctors office has already begun deteriorating by the time it leaves the factory.

With BuffRX TCA Shine, we are ensure the strength of its concentration and therefore the overall effectiveness of the peel itself.

Skin Rehab

The next at-home chemical peel I want to introduce you to is BuffRX Skin Rehab. This is one of our skincare line’s best sellers, and for good reason! It contains powerful and concentrated ingredients designed to get rid of pigmentation issues (like sun or age spots) quickly. The at-home peel is used for three to five days every two to three weeks, but can be adjusted based on your schedule and the results you are looking for.

One of the main ingredients is hydroquinone, a well-known, safe, prescription grade skin-lightening ingredient. Skin Rehab also has tretinoin (Retin-A) in it, the holy grail of anti-aging ingredients. Tretinoin helps turn over the skin, revealing a fresh face and kick-starting collagen production.

Because of the prescription grade ingredients in Skin Rehab, a consultation is required to purchase the product. This can be done over the phone or by scheduling a visit at our office.

While both of these at-home chemical peels are great on their own, imagine the changes they can do for your skin when used together! Whether your problem is age spots, melasma, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, or a dull complexion, with BuffRX TCA Shine and Skin Rehab, you can turn it around dramatically to reveal the skin you’ve always wanted without having to hide out at home.

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